I made an interview to Dan Povenmire here is:

1- "How do you write the name of Doofenshmirtz's robot: Norm or NORM?"
‬ I'm not sure I understand the question.

2- "Which is the name of the song that plays when Norm/NORM appears?"
You may be thinking of "Sunshine and Bubble Gum."

3- "Who performs this songs:
"Ballad of the Black Knight"; Swampy Marsh:
"Candace (both versions)" Danny Jacob;
"Forever Summer" Danny Jacob;
"My Chariot" Robby Wycoff;
"Pin Bowlin' Robby Wycoff;
"A-Prime Calypso"I forget, some session player;
"Shooting Star Milkshake Bar" Danny Jacob ;
"Come On, Kids!" Danny Jacob;
"Dr. Coconut" Danny Jacob;
"Ducky MoMo Theme" Danny Jacob;
"Elementary" Danny Jacob;
"Flawless Girl Danny Jacob ";
"Go, Candace, Go" Danny Jacob;
"Izzy's Got the Frizzies" Carmen Carter (I think); "
Let´s Take a Quiz" Danny Jacob;
"Half A Day" Kate Pearson (from the B-52s);
"Perry's Hat" Pretty sure that's Robby Wycoff;
"Perrytronic" Danny Jacob
and "Run, Candace, Run"? Danny Jacob ‬

4- What kind of three is the three of P&F Backyard?
‬ I'm assuming you mean, "tree." If so, it is a cartoon tree.

5- Is Monty Monogram going to appear more?

6- Now that Vanessa and Johnny broke...have you planed a new boyfriend for her?...I think that It will be cool an episode in which Carl, the intern, fells in love with her...tell me what do you think
I think Vanessa is out of Carl's league.

‪7- Who voices Phil, the Ryan-Seacrest like man?
I don't know who you're talking about. What episode is he in? ‬

8- Are P&F going to come to Spain? which part?
No plans for a Spain trip right now in the show, though Swampy and I were just in Madrid last year for some press events.

9- - The Ryan-Seacrest like man I mentioned is this guy: "Phil (announcer)"
Safari can't find this address.

10- The Norm song wasn't that...I was talking about an instrumental jingle that is heard when Norm appears since his/it's first appearence (I don't know how to describe it) ‬
I don't know the name, the composer probably has it titled but I have no idea.

11- Another question: What is Carl studying for? (I know he is an intern but...of which career/college)
We don't know yet.

12- Any character has second name (for example; Candace is Candace Gertrude Flynn?
They probably all have middle names but we haven't decided what they are yet.

13- Are we ever going to see Mrs. Monogram?
No immediate plans.

14- Does Irving have a surname? is he related with the Monogram family?
Not yet and definitely not. ‬

15 In which year takes the series place? Ages of the characters?
It takes place in the present, even when it re-airs years from now.

16- Are we ever going to know Phineas's father/Ferb's mother?
Probably not. The show is not about them.

17- Which are the names of Doofenshmirtz's Parents? ‬
Mr and Mrs Doofenshmirtz.

18- I don't know how to ask this goes: Are Buford and Baljeet more than just "frenemies"....Do you have any future plans for this "couple"?‬
No they are just frenemies.

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