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Merry X-mas in Spain

Trolypac November 13, 2011 User blog:Trolypac

For greeting Christmas to all the PF-wikians, I think this is the name, or better, perhaps Wikian-Inators or Fan-inators because u'know, is not only for editors is for all the PF fans, and by PF, I mean Phineas and Ferb, as You know, well... as I was going... for greeting the christmas to all the people that enters into this blog I made a Christmas-PF-Themed video, in Spanish, because as You know, I'm Spanish... O my... I'm like Doof; enjoy the video an I wish u a Perry Christmas and a Happy Doof Year.

Phineas y Ferb Felicitación Navideña02:19

Phineas y Ferb Felicitación Navideña.mp4

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

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