I know I've done a blog about this before, but It's about time I tell my POV of "The Beak." Well first of all here is the summary (In case you forgot or just need a refresher): When Phineas and Ferb build a robotic suit to test out their new skate track/obstical corse, a supervillian named Khaka Peu Peu arrives to give Danville "The worst day ever!" So the boys become Danville's newest superhero: The Beak all the while keeping it a secret from Isabella in order to protect her from K.P.'s wrath (Phineas's Idea). meanwhile Mayor Doofenshmirtz, avioding unwanted blame unwittingly puts Dr. Doofenshmirtz in charge.

here is my perspective on the episode: I beleive we are witnessing a new generation of MMM (Mini-Movie Makeing) the abillity to condense an epic story on to 22 minutes (thats 17 minutes longer than what a mini-movie's lenth is now a days) though it's not long enough to be a feature flim, this episode is the only one I know that has feature flim quality. I would also like to add that the Charater Development between Phineas and Isabella has evolved from obvious to warm (so warm like a blaket you just want to snuggle up to) the CGI (Despite that It's cel-shaped) harkens back to the ground-breaking technology In "Toy Story." and the villian is defenitly the best Villian ever (Emotionaly). and as for the songs in this episode, they rock Literaly for the first one when they are trying out the skate track in The Beak suit and in the second half song reminds me of the spiderman theme song from the 1960's.

well that my view, tell me what you think about it (P.S. Fossy, what's your view of "The Beak"?)

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