(All right folks, If another shipping war explodes onto this Blog, consider the topic droped!) I remember Fossy explaining her new opinion about Phinbella in her own words: "They could change the world, even save it." Fossy I'm sorry for being the cause of all this, I didn't even wanted to start a war. But here is my best opinion of Phinbella ever: " This relationship of Phineas and Isabella Is the most legendary in Phineas and Ferb. I've seen in SBTY that Isabella met Phineas half way when she gave him that pep talk, But the true spirit of It was in the song of the same name. They could have been stranded all their lives and let the world go on without Imagination, But They (Along with Ferb and the rest of the gang) made it and Imagination lived on, so yeah, with Phineas's Imagination and Isabella's Detirmination and Kindness (And Ferb's Inginuity) they could change their world into something beautiful." Hope that made you happy Fossy. :)


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