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    International premieres

    January 24, 2014 by Wikiaholic

    Lately, I have noticed that people are putting fake airdates in the International premieres section. For example "Primal Perry" says that it aired in Portugal on July 13, 2013 but according to Ajdouble2 it aired on June 23, 2013.  Users should start citing a source for worldwide airdates or asking a fellow user who lives outside the United States. Anyone else with me? Here is a list of of recommended sources.

    Spain - Trolypac

    UK - Disnick UK  on Youtube

    Russia and Scandinavia - Доброжелатель240300

    Asia - Patrickau 26 

    Poland - Marekos1996

    Portugal - Ajdouble2

    Brazil - Shakeheitor, Mattildo, TheGabrielZaum, or Diovos

    Australia - DisneyTV_AU on Twitter

    France - DisneyChannelFR on Youtube

    Indonesia - Eulgy

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