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  • Xiao Qiao

    Hello Phineas and Ferb Wikians, the special holiday has finally arrived! Now let us celebrate it.

    All sister wikis has changed the winter theme time ago, they are ready for Christmas holiday. It's time for us to ready.

    Here are some small things you may like to do during this holiday:

    • Spruce up your user page: with your own X-mas style, that will show the spirit of our Christmas.
    • Write to Santa: wish will come true, don't be shy.
    • Make your Phineas and Ferb Holidaycard: Do you have any idea? There are some off-topic card from some of 339,000 Wikia wiki communities for Holidaycard, why don't we have one? For Phineas and Ferb, let's design your own, Happy Holidays.
    • Give your best wishes: Share them for family, friends, and users you like here.

    You m…

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  • Xiao Qiao

    Now this wiki has affiliated with other languages' wikis (German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese and Vietnamese). There is an important feature enable to get this community closer. It is language links for this wiki and has been request for all 7 languages wikis Phineas and Ferb (I and AndePhineas request). You can take an easy view at the bottom of these pages: Perry the Platypus and Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You!.

    Very easy, I take Rollercoaster episode page for example, please follow 2 steps

    First, you must find its versions in other wikis,

    • Die Achterbahn in German wiki
    • La Montaña Rusa in Spanish wiki
    • Achtbaan in Dutch wiki
    • Kolejka in Polish wiki.
    • Montanha Russa in Portuguese wiki
    • Tàu lượn siêu tốc in Vietnamese wiki but for easy, I …

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  • Xiao Qiao

    Hi every one! Have you forgotten something! It's Candace's birthday! July 11th! Happy birthday to Candace Flynn!

    You decided to celebrate this events? Tell me! Give her a birth card? Flowers? Or the impossible nicest gift ever! Phineas and Ferb have done the monument for her at Mt Rushmore moment ago!

    How do you feel what important today? The important of the hottest event of the year, double with July 2nd, Ashley Tisdale's birthday?

    Now this wiki and other members: Spanish wiki, Dutch wiki, Portuguese wiki and Vietnamese wiki has made a pink pink half "o" circle head background for her, instead of Phineas's triangle style! To celebrate on July now!

    The second thing, the movie premieres, she has an important role - captain of Team resistance a…

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  • Xiao Qiao

    Hi friend, now Wikia has provided new feature chat for all wikis, the admin will turn it on and enable it! Now we can chat together, directly and faster than IRC, because it is based on this wiki! You can join the chat easily! The chat button is in user page, article under Wiki activity box, the hot spot in my home page!

    This is a wiki community! And there are many editor around here, the chat help us take a little time to receive help! information and chat about the show we love - Phineas and Ferb

    Does anybody un-agree this new useful feature?

    Let me know your idea!

    ••• Xiao Qiao leave a message 12:23, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

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