I'll be honest and I think it is time to say, maybe it will sound strange ... some would say ... What wave, why she love with a serie of goats kids? (they speak some) I'll tell you no! Never any series I had done what I feel now with the series Phineas & Ferb and I must say ... YES I AM love them! But ... what is wrong? This series has shown me what ... friendship, love, imagination, dreaming, believing ... believing in yourself, enjoy every time you can give this beautiful life God gave you. And many other things that I do not know how, but I sense in this series in particular ... At first I assure you that Disney is disappointed me since this series, but over time (short time) I realized it was a single series, has a magic that I do not know how to explain. Happiness was for me. I will not say it is a holy number that shows no violence or anything xDD, but indeed he did many things in me ... made me feel good when I was not, I identify with the characters, I fell in love with the characters (so to speak) and simply childish for some reason maybe make me happy :DDD The series is truly mourn me, made me laugh, made me talk about them all the time xDD like a lunatic, without finding someone who shared my same fanaticism :/ ... but I'm still happy to share with fans all over the world and I'm content with that :D! My fanaticism became so much so that I could communicate with the creator :DD! Dan Povenmire! :DDD ... And, haha, that was great xDD Now I get to watch the last episode that gave, especially the last part, the song "Summer Belongs to you" and made me remember everything that has occurred in the series, your message made me realize ... I was so happy made me shiver and shed tears of joy ... because he had just finished a season, but come new adventures. I will not control a mad love Phineas and Ferb, but I do not mind other people say as long as Phineas & Ferb know that will be forever in my heart ♥

Xiomy 00:56, August 4, 2010 (UTC)

PD1: It is translated

PD2: If I know that is not over yet! (The serie)

PD3: Only read, is my form to expression :D

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