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Vanessa's Song
Dad-inator Singers
Character selection on The Dad-Inator
Song by Vanessa Doofenshmirtz
Venue: Danville
Genre(s): Pop
Vanessa chronology
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Vanessa's happy father day song00:41

Vanessa's happy father day song

Vanessa's Song is a short song performed by Vanessa Doofenshmirtz in "The Dad-inator".


'Vanessa': You've got a cool daughter who asked me to say
"Listen up, Dad, Happy Father's Day
Even though you're getting up there with a touch of gray
I love you as you are, don't want you any other way"
She said you mean so much to her
And she wanted me to say
Listen up, Dad, Happy Father's
Listen up, Dad, Happy Father's
Listen up, Dad, Happy Father's Day!


  • Martin Olson

BMI #13655660

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