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"Want Nothing"
I want nothing
Buford singing the song.
Song by Buford the Lion-Tiger-Bear
Genre(s): Novelty
Length: 0:08 (Episode version)
0:36 (Demo version)
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Phineas and Ferb - I Want Nothing00:15

Phineas and Ferb - I Want Nothing

Episode version
<youtube height=150 width=200>GSIaHVZb7uM</youtube> Demo version

"Want Nothing" is a song from "Wizard of Odd" where Buford tells Candace that he wants nothing.


Episode version

I waaaaaaaaaaant nothing

Demo version

I got everything I need
What I don't got I take
I'm fully self-sufficient
Everything is just Jake
So don't buy me no presents
Becase that would be a stupid mistake

I want nothing
Nothing at all
Nothing nothing at all
Nothing nothing
Let me tell you something
You can spread it
'Round the neighbourhood
I don't want nothing
Man I'm good


BMI Work #12298135

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