Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Professional Information
  Owner of a Haunted House
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "That's the Spirit"
Last Appearance:
  "That's the Spirit"
Voiced by:
Michael Douglas

Waylon is the father of Russell. He appeared on one Halloween night after Phineas and Ferb find that his haunted house wasn't really haunted, because it was all tricks and it wasn't a real house ("That's the Spirit").

Physical Apperance

Waylon has brown hair. He said that he always wears the same shoes.

Skills and Traits

Waylon and his wife own a haunted house, and knows how to make it very scary. He is proficient at special effects, which he uses for his haunted house. It is possible he could have majored in special effects.

Background Information

  • It's possible that he does not live in Danville at all, perhaps instead traveling during the Halloween season.

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