Wayne Brady
Brady (top center) with his daughter and a couple guys we know.
Gender   Male
Date of birth
June 2, 1972 (age 45)
Place of birth
Columbus, Georgia
Characters portrayed
Imperial officer
Other projects
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Let's Make a Deal

Wayne Brady is an actor, comedian, and singer. Among his best known credits include both the original UK version and the US version of Whose Line is It Anyway?, his own self-titled syndicated talk show, and is currently the host of the revival of the game show Let's Make a Deal. He also acted as James (Barney Stinson's brother) in "How I Met Your Mother".

On Phineas and Ferb, Brady voiced the character of Don, a city hall tour guide, and sang and co-wrote "History of the Tri-State Area" in the episode "Where's Pinky?". He also helped co-write "In the Empire" for "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars". [1][2] He is also heard as an Imperial officer in "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars".

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