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Buford riding a Whalmingo
Buford riding Tristan in the sky.
Song by Buford and Laura Dickinson
Released: September 7, 2012
Genre(s): Ballad
Length: 1:20
Buford and Laura Dickinson chronology
Previous: "Highly Unconventional Vehicle" (Buford)
"Ducky Momo Theme Song" (Laura)
Current: "Whalemingo"
Next: "Summer (Where Do We Begin?)" (Buford)
"My Cruisin' Sweet Ride (Opening Version)" (Laura)
Phineas and Ferb - Whalemingo01:28

Phineas and Ferb - Whalemingo

"Whalemingo" is a song sung by Buford Van Stomm in "When Worlds Collide". In the song Buford tells his friends about his encounter with Tristan, his whalemingo friend.


Buford: Float by,
Drift through my dreams,
Whalemingo! (Whalemingo!)

In the sky,
Likes strawberry cream,
Whalemingo! (Whalemingo!)

You take a whale,
You drop the fla,
Keep the mingo,
That's how I named it
Whalemingo! (Whalemingo!)

If you see a big, pink whale
With feathers and a beak
And skinny little legs, then bingo,
That's a whalemingo! (Whalemingo! Whalemingo! Whalemingo!)

I think about you often, whalemingo. (Whalemingo! Whalemingo! Whalemingo!)
And that's my story!

End Credits

If you see a big, pink whale
With feathers and a beak
And skinny little legs, then bingo (Whalemingo!)
I think about you often, whalemingo. (Whalemingo!)
Especially when I've had spicy tacos just before bed. (Whalemingo!)
And your feathers, they tickle me in my dreams. (Whalemingo!)


BMI Work #15704177

Background information

  • Second song that Buford sings by himself, the first being "I Want Nothing" in "Wizard of Odd".
  • The end credits part was missing in some dubbings.


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