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"Won't Keep Us Apart"
329a - Uncovered
Song by Aaron Jacob
Genre(s): Ballad, soft pop
Length: 1:08
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Phineas and Ferb - Won't Keep Us Apart01:00

Phineas and Ferb - Won't Keep Us Apart

"Won't Keep Us Apart" is a song performed by Aaron Jacob in the episode "Sipping with the Enemy". It is about a list of things that won't divide Vanessa and Monty as depicted in the song.


I know that you and I
We come from different places,
There's no telling why or who your heart embraces.

These feelings that we share
There's a reason they're inside us.
We're both aware of a list of things that won't divide us.

The sun and the stars and the moon and the planets won't keep us apart.
A herd of wild wildebeests, a gaggle of flamin' geese won't keep us apart. (Won't keep us apart)
Duct-taped bungee-cords, fiberglass diving boards won't keep us apart.
A device designed specifically to keep us apart won't keep us apart.

Background information


BMI Work #15704007


"Non Reaction Song"
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