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Cover for "What Do It Do?"

Zanzibar was a New Wave band from the 1980s. They are noted for their 1982 hit single "What Do It Do?", a song based around reverse engineering.

Noted former pop singer Linda Flynn loved the band as a teenager and the aforementioned single was her inspiration for becoming a pop star. Heinz Doofenshmirtz on the other hand referred to the song as only being in his top 7 or 8 songs about reverse engineering.

Background Information

  • The band, with its odd foreign name and style of dress, most likely references the electronic and New Wave eras of music, e.g. Kraftwerk and Devo.
  • Zanzibar shares the name of a Rocko's Modern Life episode Dan and Swampy directed together. Said episode also seemed to foreshadow what type of show the two would later make together.
  • Jeff "Swampy" Marsh provided the voice for the lead singer.[1]
  • Zanzibar is the name of an island of the coast of Tanzania


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